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We create waterless beauty that celebrates and embraces beauty, the way you sea it

Just like the sea, we believe beauty is fluid and means something different to everyone. As beauty evolves throughout our lives, we want to inspire our community to celebrate our unique beauty. The way you sea it.

In support of the United Nations Water Action Decade and Sustainable Development Goals, we believe conserving water is essential. As the first beauty member of The Water Footprint Network, we choose to exclude water from our products and sustainably manage our water footprint.

We reimagined clean beauty

🌿 100% clean active ingredients 💧 No dilution Real results

Sea Our Beauty is made with 100% clean active ingredients. We have consciously chosen to omit water, fillers, preservatives, fragrances, and harsh irritants that are often found in water-based products.

Our formulations embrace the beauty in each ingredient, never altering the scent, colour, or performance

💙 Inclusive 🌱 Vegan 🐇 Cruelty-Free 🌏 Made in Australia

We believe in a zero-waste product lifecycle ♻️

We use recyclable, compostable, and
biodegradable materials that are compact in size.

Making waves together

🌊 SeaTrees x Sea Our Beauty

In partnership with SeaTrees, our products help restore, plant, and protect coastal ecosystems. When you purchase a Sea Our Beauty product, we plant one Mangrove Tree in your name. Each Mangrove Tree stores approximately one-ton of Carbon Dioxide, creates critical habitats for marine life, and provides sustainable employment for local communities. Each of our initiatives reflects our commitment to positively impacting you, our community, and our planet.

Meet our Founder

Born in Melbourne, Natassia Nicolao founded Sea Our Beauty in 2021 on the premise that conserving water is essential for beauty to exist. Inspired by her personal mission to positively impact our community and planet, Natassia merged her long-term love for beauty products with her unique commercial experience and understanding of ESG principles to redefine what it means to be a sustainable beauty brand.

After completing a Bachelor of Science, majoring in biochemistry, Natassia went on to work with some of Australia's leading beauty and wellness companies including Swisse Wellness, WelleCo, and private equity fund The Foundry. During this time, Natassia strengthened her biochemistry foundation with diverse commercial experience across product development, sustainable sourcing, supply-chain, operations, sales, and marketing. Her journey highlighted the importance of uniting the beauty industry with ESG principles to help conserve all forms of beauty.

“Sustainability means more than recycled packaging. It starts with conserving our planet’s limited resources - especially water, ethical sourcing, respecting and protecting people within our ecosystem, uplifting local communities, reinvesting profit to conserve our planet, right through to how products arrive at our doorstep. With guidance from the Sustainable Development Goals and declared Water Action Decade, we reimagined a standard beauty product’s lifecycle to help conserve beauty; yours and our planet’s.”

Natassia Nicolao, Founder & CEO

Sea You Cleansing Balm

Sea You Cleansing Balm


Conserve You Serum

Conserve You Serum


Sea Your Glow Mask

Sea Your Glow Mask


Join our community of wave makers and help protect our coastal ecosystem