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The future of beauty is waterless

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Sea You Cleansing Balm

Sea You Cleansing Balm


Conserve You Serum

Conserve You Serum


Sea Your Glow Mask

Sea Your Glow Mask


We create water responsible beauty

🌿 100% gentle active ingredients 💧 No dilution ✨ Real results







We exist to celebrate and conserve beauty; yours and our planet's.


Your daily cleanser for clean, hydrated, and refreshed skin. Revealing skin so pure, we Sea You.


Your daily hydration + environmental shield to conserve your natural beauty.


Everything a clay mask should be. Detoxify and nourish your skin to Sea Your Glow.

Why we choose to exclude water from our products and sustainably manager our Water Footprint.

🌏 The United Nations declared 2018-2028 The Water Action Decade.
Ensuring sustainable management of water resources and encouraging smart water use is fundamental for our future.

🧴Water is the most common ingredient used within the beauty industry.
Most products are filled with 70% - 95% water. This doesn’t include the additional water footprint created to make the product.

🧪 Removing water eliminates the need for preservatives and harsh ingredients that can cause skin irritation.
Water-based products require preservatives such as parabens and formaldehyde which have been linked to skin irritation.

We believe in a responsible product lifecycle.

♻️ 100% recyclable glass
Bottles and jars can be curb side recycled infinitely.

🐛 Compost friendly cartons + shippers
Made free from laminates and plastics with 100% FSC certified recycled paper in a carbon neutral facility.

🧪Non-toxic + no leaching
To ensure no harmful chemicals make their way into our clean formulations.

📦 Compact in size
To help reduce our carbon footprint when transporting it to you.

🌊 Biodegradable formulations
That are safe for your skin to wash down our drains.

Every email sign-up or purchase you make helps us protect our sea🌊

Together with SeaTrees we restore, plant, and protect coastal ecosystems. For every purchase of a product or sign-up to our newsletter we plant 1 Mangrove tree in your name.

Every Mangrove Tree we plant:

🌳 Sequesters carbon 5x more effectively than tropical forests

💦 Helps protect Biak Island from storm- surges and sea-level rise

💲 Provides sustainable employment for two villages in Biak Island, Indonesia

🐟 Creates critical habitat for threatened species

Join our community of wave makers and help protect our coastal ecosystem